Beard, Moustache, Sideburn Transplant

Beard, Moustache, Sideburn Transplant

Beard, Moustache and Sideburn Transplant

The presence and shape of the beard and moustache are as important as the presence of hair in order to achieve an aesthetic integrity in men. Even if a man does not grow his beard or moustache long, the presence of the beard and moustache is the symbol of masculinity. They signify self-esteem and an aesthetic appearance for men.

A number of reasons may be responsible for the lack of beard with a man. Most of these reasons are hereditary, that is, genetic. In addition to these, laser depilation, surgical interventions, burns or accidents may lead to beard loss. Beard and moustache may also be lost due to certain autoimmune disorders and the low levels of testosterone (the masculine hormone). If there are doubts regarding an organic disorder, the testosterone hormone level should definitely be controlled.

Similar to hair loss, it is not possible to grow new beard and moustache by cosmetic products or medical treatments in cases ofbeard and moustache loss. The permanent solution for beard and moustache loss is beard transplant.

The use of beard and moustache transplant operations is rapidly increasing in the Middle Eastern region where beard and moustache have a particular significance for people, which also applies to our country. An increasing awareness regarding the possibility of beard and moustache transplant, development of novel transplant methods such as FUE hair transplant and the natural looking hair transplant results obtained thanks to the improving technology constitute the most important reasons of this situation.

What do beard, moustache, sideburn transplant mean?

Beard transplant consists of the dermal extraction of hair follicles –which are genetically resistant to thinning- located on the posterior scalp between the ears, and the dermal transplant of these follicles on the site where you want beard hairs to grow. The transplanted hair follicles do not fall off, and the result is permanent.

Who can have a beard or moustache transplant?

In addition to men who do not have any beard at all, those men who have patches of non-hairy parts on the beard and moustache regions  or who have a scattered beard can have a beard transplant operation.

In addition to them, beard transplantation can also be performed with those men who have scars on their face as a result of pimples, burns or incisions, for the purpose of hiding these scars from view.

Those men who like the appearance of a stubbly beard and want to grow their sideburns but who have a scattered and sparse beard often undergo a beard transplantation operation, too.

Beard and moustache transplant can also be performed without experiencing any beard loss for the purpose of modifying the pattern of the beard and moustache.

Can everybody have a moustache – beard transplant operation? Any single person who has hair follicles on the posterior scalp between the ears can have a beard-moustache transplant operation.